Get outside this summer!

Encourage noise and interaction with our garden instruments and make balancing skills fun in the Rock Around or the Spinning Top

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Stimulate those idle hands with TOUCH

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Sensory Room Design

We create environments that meet your needs within your budget, on time with on-going support you can trust.

Visit Design your own Sensory Room or call now for your FREE consultation 0800 212709.

Play, Explore, LEARN

Follow the balls through the twisting Tubie and encourage motor skills with Activity Boards

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Welcome to SensoryPlus

A genuine and dedicated aim to enrich and improve the quality of life for everyone is central to our approach to sensory and soft play provision.

At SensoryPlus we are able to provide a range of sensory solutions from interactive sensory rooms and soft play areas through to safe and secure environments as well as portable equipment and individual items. Every need and budget is accommodated.

SensoryPlus Team

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A new way to use aromatherapy, knead the Mohdoh to calm and soothe away your troubles.

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Shadow Boards

Shine a torch over the board to create shadow art, from £4.99+VAT
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Sensory equipment for nursing homes

A Sensory Approach to Senior Care

Simplicity should be at the heart of any equipment selected for a nursing home...

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