Challenge both cognitive and physical abilities with this interactive, dynamic and fun-for-all game!


(SE0013) CardioWall


CardioWall is a highly versatile tool for use with various ages, abilities and environments. Both cognitive and physical abilities are challenged with this interactive, dynamic and fun-for-all game which is making a real impact in schools and senior care settings alike. The strong CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach and think. It motivates users to achieve a high intensity workout in a few short minutes and can form the basis of sports classes or physical rehabilitation programmes. Various ability levels and goals can be set, but the basic premise of the game is to react as quickly as possible when the lights, or ‘pods’, on the board illuminate and turn them out! This is done with soft weights, balls, hands or boxing gloves for a fun, interactive and healthy sensory experience. Specifically designed for those with learning difficulties and other disabilities, the SensoryPlus incorporates unique features that make it safe and manageable even in more challenging or vulnerable settings. Benefits Improves cognitive understanding of cause and effect. Great source of fun exercise. Engages all users, regardless of age or abilityReward sounds to encourage and praise.

Please note: The CardioWall comes with installation instructions, but a visit from a member of the SensoryPlus team is available for an additional cost and can be arranged at time of order. The installation fee will be agreed subject to site visit. Design may vary from image shown.

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