Lightsources are required to illuminate our fibre optic products from the long strands of the sideglows to the stars in the fibre optic ceilings.

Mini LED Lightsource

(SE159) Mini LED Lightsource

£185.00 ex. VAT£222.00 inc. VAT

The compact, lightweight, silent Mini LED lightsources are perfectionists in their field. They light up fibre optic strands all the way to the tips of the long spaghetti-like strands, changing colour through use of a colour wheel which changes the colour of the white fibre optic strands to whatever coloured light shines through them.

Without the need for a lamp the powerful LED (Light Emitting Diode) can illuminate any fibre optic sideglow, curtain or glow wall effortlessly and more importantly without emitting any heat. As a result less power is used, there is no need to change lamps, it has no moving components and is therefore far lighter, smaller and highly portable! It is also much safer to use with our plastic fibre optics.

The LED lightsource has evolved further to now incorporate interactivity! Check out our interactive Lightsources.

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