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Wireless Ultimate 7-Colour MLT Bubble Tube with Bubble, Brightness and UV Control

(SE1008) Wireless Ultimate 7-Colour MLT Bubble Tube with Bubble, Brightness and UV Control

£1105.00 ex. VAT£1326.00 inc. VAT

Available Options:

Supplied with robust wireless controller with inputs for optional switches.


The number of interactive colour options available; Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Orange and Cyan.

Momentary, Latched and Timed (MLT)
Adults and children all have different abilities; the MLT functions provide different types of access to control the tube, enabling the experience to be individualised.

Momentary: (Press on, release off)
Latched: (Press on, press off)
Timed: (Press on, pre-set time elapses and effect goes off)

Bubble Control
The air flow through the water ensures the tubes engage across a range of senses. Air pumping through the water has an auditory quality and also creates a low vibration through the entire tube. By controlling the air flow through switching or a microphone the tubes interactive options are vastly increased. As with the lights, this interactivity can be Momentary, Latched or Timed.

Brightness Control
This feature empowers users to increase the intensity of any particular colour through pre-set steps through volume with a microphone (sold separately). This opens up new learning opportunities and adds depth to the interactive experience.

UV Control
Many sensory rooms feature a UV element. Superb for visual stimulation for those with impairments and providing interest and motivation for different learning scenarios too, a UV light now adds some of that potential to the bubble tube. The light acts as an 8th colour and will illicit additional illumination from any UV reactive elements added to the tube or placed in the immediate vicinity of the tube.

The Future
SensoryPlus is always looking forward and this newly developed range are now designed to accommodate future developments in technology which could see tubes, screens and domes controlled by DMX, iPad and other commercial devices in isolation or as part of integrated environments.

Helpful Tips:
1. Remember to plan your Bubble product maintenance to ensure water is changed every six weeks.
2. Don't forget to order Disinfection Fluid to ensure your bubble tube keeps clean and free of algae or harmful bacteria.

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