Interactive Bubble Tubes

Individualise your bubble experience with switches and control the colour and/or bubbles!

Mini Interactive Bubble Tube & Roll Bag

(SE073) Mini Interactive Bubble Tube & Roll Bag

£675.00 ex. VAT£810.00 inc. VAT


The Mini Interactive Bubble Tube now includes sound to light technology. Plug the supplied microphone into the corresponding socket, and watch the Bubble Tube react to variations in tone and volume. Use the Low Profile Switch to turn the bubbles on and off, and the Passive Reset Button to return the bubble tube to a passive cycle.*

The lightweight, padded bag enables the bubble tube to be transported easily - don't forget to empty the water though! Ideal for Portage Workers, Toy Libraries and those on the move!

Dimensions: 69cm high x 34cm diameter
                      Bubble Tube 90mm diameter
Weight: 6.2kg

Helpful Tips:
1. Remember to plan your Bubble product maintenance to ensure water is changed every six weeks.
2. Don't forget to order Disinfection Fluid to ensure your bubble tube keeps clean and free of algae or harmful bacteria.

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Contents: 0.5m (150mm dia) Portable Interactive LED Bubble Tube, Low Profile Switch, Microphone (colour may vary) and Roll Bag for transporting
Dimensions: 69cm high x 34cm dia
Weight: 6.2kg