Bubble Products

All bubble-based products are underpinned by LED (light emitting diode) technology providing purer, stronger colour that permeates the entire product with greater effect. The traditional problems of noisy cooling fans, replacing lamps and colour wheels failing are a thing of the past.

From passive colour changing bubble screens through to interactive bubble-based products that encourage bubble and colour control through sound or touch, our bubble products meet a wide range of service user needs.

Key Features

The principle colours the bubble products will phase through in passive mode and the number of interactive colour options available on most products; Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Orange and Cyan.

Control Brightness via sound or switch!
Most notable is our brightness control which responds to volume input; the louder you are, the brighter the product becomes.  Alternatively, you can use a simple switch to step through preset levels of brightness.

Superior Colour Mixing
Alongside these eye catching developments the SensoryPlus products also benefit from superb matching of colours, increased brightness and a smoother transition across the colour spectrum in passive mode.  Plus the ability to press two buttons together to create a genuine colour mix.

Colour change via tone
As well as controlling brightness through volume, the range also uses changes in tone to trigger colour change.  Coupled with the brightness selector this provides an active illumination that responds to music for a truly atmospheric effect.