Floor Matting

Our range of themed matting encourages the development of balancing skills and gymnastic activity for a variety of ages from infants to juniors

Floor Matting

(PE249) Floor Matting

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Fabric pattern / colour: -

Please choose a fabric pattern / colour from the selection below.

Caflex - Black
Caflex - BlackCaflex - Black
Caflex - Brown
Caflex - BrownCaflex - Brown
Caflex - Cerise
Caflex - CeriseCaflex - Cerise
Caflex - Cream
Caflex - CreamCaflex - Cream
Caflex - Dark Blue
Caflex - Dark BlueCaflex - Dark Blue
Caflex - Dark Green
Caflex - Dark GreenCaflex - Dark Green
Caflex - Duck Egg
Caflex - Duck EggCaflex - Duck Egg
Caflex - Grey
Caflex - GreyCaflex - Grey
Caflex - Ice Blue
Caflex - Ice BlueCaflex - Ice Blue
Caflex - Light Green
Caflex - Light GreenCaflex - Light Green
Caflex - Light Pink
Caflex - Light PinkCaflex - Light Pink
Caflex - Marine Blue
Caflex - Marine BlueCaflex - Marine Blue
Caflex - Mid Blue
Caflex - Mid BlueCaflex - Mid Blue
Caflex - Orange
Caflex - OrangeCaflex - Orange
Caflex - Red
Caflex - RedCaflex - Red
Caflex - Silver
Caflex - SilverCaflex - Silver
Caflex - Sky Blue
Caflex - Sky BlueCaflex - Sky Blue
Caflex - Violet
Caflex - VioletCaflex - Violet
Caflex - White
Caflex - WhiteCaflex - White
Caflex - Yellow
Caflex - YellowCaflex - Yellow

Exciting and vibrant colours combine to form safe floor matting 12cm thick to ensure protected play when climbing and exploring the blocks, slopes and steps along with other soft play items such as the Animal Shapes or to surround ball pools.

Furthermore our floor matting's durability can be used in areas where there is the potential for injury and provide a safe environment for those with challenging behaviours particularly when combined with our wall padding.

We also offer a pre-site survey service if you require our designer to visit you and take accurate measurements, as well as an installation service. Contact us to discuss timelines and arrange a service.

Price is per square metre.

Delivery is not included in the price and will be applied at check out. For delivery charges click here.

12cm thick, charged per linear metre.

All our upholstered products are Fire Tested to BS5852 ignition source 0,1 and 5