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Soft Play Products

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Soft Play at the Open

The team at SensoryPlus are renowned for their love of a challenge so when Blair Hart, Project Manager at Red Door Events Ltd. approached them with an intriguing project they jumped at the chance to get creative!

Blair contacted SensoryPlus when Red Door Events won a 3-year contract to provide a Children’s Soft Play area at The Open, the oldest of the four major championships in professional golf. He was looking for soft play that could be custom made to match the client’s colour scheme while being able to withstand use over the full 3-year period. Blair explains: “A Google search for ‘soft play equipment’ took me to the SensoryPlus website and the professional feel and good selection of soft play equipment available made me decide to contact them. We have purchased soft play and ball pools in the past for events, but not on this scale, and it was SensoryPlus’ ability to produce custom made items that really attracted me.”

SensoryPlus provided a wide range of soft play equipment for the Children’s Soft Play Area, which was used for the first time at The Open in St. Andrews, Scotland. “It was mainly used by parents and young children visiting the tournament and the feedback from users was all very positive” says Blair. “The children naturally loved it, but our client was also very impressed with the look and feel of the final product.”

Emmie Bilinski was Blair’s main point of contact at SensoryPlus; she thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and the various challenges it presented: “Blair was on a very tight schedule in the lead up to the golf tournament and needed to have everything in place and ready to go before the official opening day. Close communication with Blair meant I was able to work with our manufacturing team to ensure we provided exactly the right solution, and the end result looked brilliant!”

Open Soft Play Room    soft play bridge

Blair adds: “Emmie and the team at SensoryPlus were very helpful and supportive, doing everything they could to make sure we were able to achieve our goal; they were fantastic! The finished product looked great and was very high quality, and the team that made the soft play items got the colour scheme spot on!”

When asked if he would recommend SensoryPlus to other people looking to achieve a similar result Blair answered: “Yes, absolutely! Thanks again to everyone at SensoryPlus who helped get the product completed and delivered in time.”

Are you planning an exciting project, indoors or out, that requires a soft play solution? If so, SensoryPlus can help, with a wide variety of standard and bespoke options to suit your needs and budget. Give the team a call on 01302 645 685 to discuss how they can bring your ideas to life!

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