Designing a Sensory Environment

Creation of a safe, engaging and appropriate environment is central to the design ethos at SensoryPlus.

Design Service

Take advantage of our comprehensive design service based on a complete understanding of your requirements.

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Designing a Sensory, Soft Play or Safe Environment

Where to Start?

Embarking on the development of a Sensory, Soft Play or Safe environment can be a fairly daunting task. With a plethora of equipment and resources available, it could be considered a minefield!

However, by taking a methodical and structured approach, researching the market and understanding the needs of all stakeholders, for example staff, clients, budget holders, a successful environment and resource can be developed.

It is essential at the outset of such a project that unambiguous aims and objectives are set and there is a clear understanding of why the environment is being developed and what is expected to be achieved from having such a facility. This can help consolidate expectations and requirements and will ultimately ensure that the most appropriate environment is developed according to need.

Open and frank discussions with all members of staff can help to formulate ideas and encourage “buy-in” and commitment to the project and its successful integration into daily lives. It is important to gain both enthusiasm and commitment for both the initial and on-going development of the Sensory, Soft Play or Safe environment to ensure it is utilised effectively and efficiently.

The best place to start is by consulting the team at SensoryPlus. We are experienced in the use and set up of Multi Sensory, Soft Play and Safe environments and we are keen to provide an alternative insight into possible approaches to development and pitfalls to avoid!

Getting Started

When designing a Sensory, Soft Play or Safe Environment, there are two important points to consider at the outset

(a) setting goals and having a clear understanding of why and what you want to achieve;

(b) having access to electrical socket(s) (primarily for sensory environments).

If you have established your aims and objectives then SensoryPlus can work with you to create your ideal sensory, soft play or safe environment.

However, if you need some assistance with determining your needs we are more than happy to spend time discussing potential options and the best way to proceed and help you to formulate your goals.

SensoryPlus prides itself on being able to help fulfil your needs by offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure the decisions and choices you make will be the right ones!

SensoryPlus are happy to discuss your requirements, give experienced advice and on-site demonstrations of our products without obligation.

The aim of SensoryPlus is to help to create an environment or to ensure individual products meet your needs within your budget, on time with on-going support you can trust.

First Contact

Help is just a phone call or email away... Freephone 01302 645 685 or +44 (0) 1440 705352 or email

Experienced advice, tailored specifications and on-site demonstrations are provided without obligation…..we are here to help as much as possible!


We provide a comprehensive design service based on a complete understanding of your requirements for new environments; dedicated rooms or new buildings; redesigns or extensions to existing areas.

Our designs are generally produced as a result of a preceding meeting and assessment of requirements and both linear and 3D visuals can be supplied as appropriate along with a quotation for the project.

The linear schematics and 3D designs are aimed at providing you with as much relevant information as possible for you to make your purchasing decision.

SensoryPlus can also offer advice on:

  • Socket layout and specification
  • General décor
  • Lighting

Manufacture and Installation

High-level specification products guarantee safety, durability and aesthetic appeal. All our products have a 12 month warranty against faulty materials or workmanship.

Installations are carried out to the highest standards by our own experienced and considerate installers and we will always fit in with your timetable and working practices.

Maintenance and Servicing

Upon request maintenance and servicing work can be carried out under contract or by arrangement to give you peace of mind that your sensory environment continues to work efficiently and effectively.


Gaining confidence with the equipment and working in the environment will ensure good practice and enable the full potential of sensory to be realised. Staff familiarisation sessions, comprehensive in-house training and one-day courses or seminars can be arranged.

Good Practice

SensoryPlus encourage and support safe and effective practice within Sensory Environments.

The Multi Sensory Environment Advisory Body (MSEAB) is a multi professional, multi agency group whose aims are to disseminate information and produce guidelines related to Multi Sensory Environments. The group is independent and non-profit making. The MSEAB have produced an independent document, Good Practice Guidelines for Multi Sensory Environments that we are proud to distribute for them.

FAQs on designing a sensory environment