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To bring sight, sound, touch and smell to all ages and abilities.


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sensory room at Penns Primary school

Sensory Play House

Read how one primary school created a sensory play house in their conservatory...

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What is Sensory? …an overview

Our senses tell us about the world in which we exist. Our sense of smell, taste, touch, sight and sound provide the foundation for our understanding and actions.  

It is only when one or a number of these senses are impaired that parts of the world are less accessible and understanding is diminished.

A genuine and dedicated aim to enrich and improve the quality of life for everyone is central to SensoryPlus’ approach to Sensory and Soft Play aiming to meet a wide range of needs from encouraging positive actions for those with sensory impairment to promoting rest and relaxation for the agitated or stressed.  Different needs require different approaches to care and as such different Sensory and Soft Play ideas.  

However, no one method works every time and whilst there is a common theme throughout - eliciting a response to a stimulus – from the active striking of a switch to enabling relaxation and sleep in a comforting and secure environment, individuals are just that; individuals, SensoryPlus understands this.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the varied user groups has enabled us to develop innovative sensory tools.  Identifying the most appropriate combinations of products and the most effective methods of delivery, sensory and soft play can be an effective resource for a multitude of care environments. 

Sensory Environments support interaction, discovery and communication enabling faster learning and development through increased awareness of the surroundings.  These environments encourage stimulation of all the senses - sight, sound, touch and smell.

Soft Play areas are suitable for all abilities and a multitude of environments, encouraging expression and interaction; fun, play and learning within a safe environment.  Whether incorporating individual play items into an existing area or developing a completely new scheme, SensoryPlus design themed play elements or utilise our extensive range of standard yet innovative soft play products to match all your needs.  

Qualia aims to create a calm, relaxing and non-threatening environment encouraging interaction, control and exploration through sound, light and tactile experiences. The unique value of this approach is the integration into the daily pattern of living.  By the very nature of Qualia such environments will provide an atmosphere that stimulates and relaxes, that promotes enquiry yet ensures comfort.

Sensory-in-a-Suitcase, UV-in-a-Suitcase, Sensory-Trabasacks, Evoke and Flexi Corner Units, Music Boxes and Portable Qualia Units are valuable resources for stimulating awareness, motivation, relaxation and learning. This range of portable equipment provides flexibility and mobility for those who are unable to attend sensory rooms or do not have the space or funds for complete room set-up.