Training & Development

Working within the field of multi-sensory is more than just about individual products. Gaining confidence with equipment items whilst working in a sensory environment will ensure good practice and enable the full potential of sensory to be realised.

All our products are selected to be straightforward to use and easy to maintain however, training forms a crucial element to working effectively with sensory equipment in order to fully capitalise on the benefits.

SensoryPlus offer a three tier training solution developed in response to customer requirements.

Level I

The first level is attendance at one of our Sensory Awareness Days, a fun and informative one-day seminar all about multi-sensory enabling an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and professionals.
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Level II

Level II training is delivered by our sales advisors and covers the fundamentals of using the equipment. Generally the training lasts for less than half a day but is often dependent on the size and complexity of your order.

Elements covered:

  • Simple operation
  • Care and maintenance
  • Ideas on application and use

Level III

A more comprehensive level of training is available from SensoryPlus delivered by independent multi sensory trainers. Courses are usually one day but can be extended further depending on individual requirements.

All independent trainers are extremely knowledgeable about multi sensory products and have many years “hands-on” experience in both the UK and overseas. This depth of experience ensures trainees receive more evidence based, practical advice on how to use the products just purchased.

Elements covered:

  • Introduction to sensory
  • Understanding the products
  • Using products effectively
  • Hands on training and helpful hints

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SE995 Level I - Sensory Awareness Day £80.00 plus VAT
SE996 Level II – 2hr Introductory Session £199.00 plus VAT
SE997 Level III – Full Day from £999 plus VAT
Plus travel and accommodation expenses