Percussion Instruments

Designed for fun, our percussion instruments are durable and ideal for group activities or one-to-one work.


Advice Note:
Whilst all instruments have been carefully selected for suitability they must be used with supervision as there are small parts on and in some of them.

Percussion Instruments

Though selected for young children, we've found clients of all ages enjoy using these simple instruments.

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Evoke Music Tub Kit

(SE052) Evoke Music Tub Kit

£95.00 ex. VAT£114.00 inc. VAT

Harmonica, Triangle, Jungle Tambourine, Twirly Whirly, Thunderer, Clatter-Pillar, Egg Shaker, Guiro, Maracas, Bendy Bells (4)

(Tub not included)

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