Music Box

(SE540) Music Box

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The Music Box houses a wealth of percussion instruments in a handy, lightweight and portable container.  Specially chosen for their appropriateness for children with special needs, this collection of musical instruments will encourage expression, development and interaction for all.  Helping to develop audio, visual and tactile skills, the Music Box is a great introduction to the world of percussion.

Music Box Contents:
Stacking box, My First Drum, Jungle Tambourine, 2 Star Tambourines, 2 Animal Castanets, 6 Animal Shakers, Crockoglock (Crockodile glockenspiel), Ring My Bell, Triangle, 3 Baby Maracas, Mini Maracas, Sea Sounds Wave Drum Music Box Deluxe contents: Stacking box, 5 Star Tambourines, Crockoglock (Crockodile glockenspiel), Triangle, Bongos, Lollipop Drum, Hand Tom-Tom, 2 Castanets, 3 Egg Shakers, Set of four Bendy Bells, Maracas, Twirly Whirly, Mini Maracas, Sea Sounds Wave Drum, Twirly Whirly, Guiro.

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