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Beany Bubble Tube Polo

(PE038) Beany Bubble Tube Polo

£199.00 ex. VAT£238.80 inc. VAT

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Fabric pattern / colour: -

Please choose a fabric pattern / colour from the selection below.

Vinyl - Berkshire Boxford
Vinyl - Berkshire BoxfordVinyl - Berkshire Boxford
Vinyl - Berkshire Caversham
Vinyl - Berkshire CavershamVinyl - Berkshire Caversham
Vinyl - Berkshire Fawley
Vinyl - Berkshire FawleyVinyl - Berkshire Fawley
Vinyl - Berkshire Purley
Vinyl - Berkshire PurleyVinyl - Berkshire Purley
Vinyl - Cadet Trek Indigo
Vinyl - Cadet Trek IndigoVinyl - Cadet Trek Indigo
Vinyl - Cadet Trek Rose
Vinyl - Cadet Trek RoseVinyl - Cadet Trek Rose
Vinyl - Cadet Trek Seafoam
Vinyl - Cadet Trek SeafoamVinyl - Cadet Trek Seafoam
Vinyl - Etch Mauve
Vinyl - Etch MauveVinyl - Etch Mauve
Vinyl - Etch Ocean
Vinyl - Etch OceanVinyl - Etch Ocean
Vinyl - Etch Peony
Vinyl - Etch PeonyVinyl - Etch Peony
Vinyl - Etch Wedgewood
Vinyl - Etch WedgewoodVinyl - Etch Wedgewood
Vinyl - Venture Duck Egg
Vinyl - Venture Duck EggVinyl - Venture Duck Egg
Vinyl - Venture Hyacinth
Vinyl - Venture HyacinthVinyl - Venture Hyacinth
Vinyl - Venture Mulberry
Vinyl - Venture MulberryVinyl - Venture Mulberry
Vinyl - Venture Rose
Vinyl - Venture RoseVinyl - Venture Rose

Encourage relaxation with a Beany Bubble Tube Polo For housing the bubble tube base, the Beany Bubble Tube Polo comes in either a standard size or can be tailored to individual needs.

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Dimensions: Diameter 1400mm x 300mm deep
All our upholstered products are Fire Tested to BS5852 ignition source 0,1 and 5